“Velada” de La Virgen de Guadalupe

July 12, 2009 at 8:32 pm (Uncategorized)

I found this clip on YouTube. It is again from my family’s hometown of Tecalitlan, Jalisco in Mexico. It shows the “velada” of the Virgin Mary. I was trying to translate the word “velada,” but I cannot come up with a word in English that will describe what happens at this event. It is somewhat similar to a wake, during the burial rites a person goes through after their death. Except a “velada” is in a broader sense so much bigger and ceremonial. The clip starts with cuts of different bands and people dancing and celebrating. At 2:40 there is a small clip of a male danza which is interesting because they are not dressed in the custom Aztec dress. It is a more contemporary Indian dress style. It is also interesting that kids are part of the group. Danza groups usually consist of all adults, all males, all children, or all females. After the danza, the clip is focused on the “velada” with the priest in the background going through the mass. I hope you can see how important music and dance is during this time of celebration and in this culture, which can be originated from the time of the Aztecs. ENJOY!


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