May 31, 2009 at 8:43 pm (Uncategorized)

I felt very uncomfortable while researching Aztec Dance because I was hoping to find something on the web, but there is not much on the history of Danza Azteca. Elizabeth mentioned Facts on File, which we can access through our library here at MSMC and this database has its own “American Indian History” section. I was so excited! I typed “dance” into the keyword search and over 10,000 results came up. I then narrowed my search to “sun dance” and there are 385 total results including 86 biographies, 16 primary sources, 1 map and 282 events and topics. I cannot wait to get started on my research for my next blog. I think an explanation of the dance dress will be next.



  1. leonpand said,

    I wish you tons of luck on the search. I remember our classmate saying he went to the Downtown Central Library. I love that place. I have found rare books there… things that are out of print. The library is divided into 8 floors so it has tons of info. I would just spend one day there and I’m sure you’ll have all you need. I believe the first 3 hours are a dollar with Library validation.

    • fabiolahuerta said,

      Thank you, I would love to spend a whole day at the Library, it sounds amazing.

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